What is Go-Halal.com?
Go-halal is a platform to enable and enhance business involvement in the halal industry. Go-halal.com combines web technologies with experienced consultants to provide its users with the most current methodologies and practices in the halal industry

Welcome to Go-Halal What is Halal?
Halal is the Arabic term which means “allowed or permitted”. The term Halal is used to indicate that an object or an action is permissible to be used or engaged in accordance to the Islamic Law. In the food industry, the halal logo is widely used to indicate food products that can be consumed by all Muslims.

What is the Halal Certification?
Halal Certification is a recognition that products or services certified are permissible under Islamic Law. Therefore, they can be consumed by Muslims. It is normally issued by an Islamic Council in a country or region.

Why Halal Certification?
Having your products certified allows your products to be consumed by the Muslim population which forms about a quarter of the global population (1.6 billion people). The Halal food market is estimated to be around US$600 billion.
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